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Your Dog Will Receive Tip Top Training

Whether you have a new puppy or adolescent dog, do your pup a justice and enroll them in a training program so they’ll be a safer, happier and friendlier member of society! The owner of Tip Top Kennel, Pam Demmy, offers her over 34 years of dog-training experience in training sessions through the Cumberland County 4-H Small Animal Program.

Your dog will be taught the basic manners and skills required to be a pleasant and fun family member. Our program uses food-based positive reinforcement, not a bribe, so your dog listens because you spoke and not because you have a hot dog in your hand.

Class Information

Classes are run on Wednesday nights, usually at the Cumberland County Fairground in Millville. Each group class is one hour long with homework assigned each week. Cost is $180 for a six-week session, which is offered throughout the year. We also offer private lessons in your home or at the kennel for $75.00 an hour.

Contact us for the dates of the current upcoming sessions by calling (856) 697-0930 today!
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Bring your four-legged friend to the kennel voted “Best Kennel” by the Vineland, NJ community! Contact us by calling (856)697-0930!

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