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About Us

We’re Not Fancy; We’re Experienced

Before owning Tip Top Kennel, Rick and Pam Demmy both shared a mutual love for dogs. After working for vets, kennels, and groomers for a number of years, they decided they wanted to open a safe, friendly place for dogs to stay away from home. They also wanted to offer high-quality grooming to local dog owners. Rick and Pam searched for about five years before finding the perfect location in 1984, the perfect place to call their own. Rick and Pam live right on-site and have been operating the business for longer than any other kennel in the area. They lead a team of professional dog lovers who specialize in a range of services including grooming, training, and boarding. What the team lacks in size is made up for in their experience. Your dog will get to know the staff and form a close, personal bond with them.

Meet The Rest of Our Team!

Michele Wands

Our manager and head groomer has been with us almost 20 years. She is friendly, knowledgeable and a darn good groomer. She does a great job with Bichons, Poodles, Schnauzers, and other breeds that look best when expertly scissored.

Autumn Shehan

Our groomer-in-training is coming along quickly. She is showing a talent for scissor work and is having fun learning. She is interested in training and loves working with the kennel dogs.

Shilo Hebert & Madison Hoban

Our bathers and kennel assistants show great compassion for the dogs. They always wears a smile and likes to spoil the dogs a little too much.


Our obedience trainer offers experience from over 40 years of working with dogs. Her training is not one-size-fits-all but is geared to each individual breed and each dog’s personality.


Rick is Pam’s husband, and our kennel cleaner and performer of maintenance for the property- he keeps everything running!

We’re The ”Best of the Best”!

Tip Top Kennel has been widely recognized by the local paper, The Daily Journal, which has an annual readers’ choice “Best of the Best” contest. We have won Best Kennel, Best Groomer, and Best Trainer many times. Come experience our award-winning services for yourself!

Bring your four-legged friend to the kennel voted “Best Kennel” by the Vineland, NJ community! Contact us by calling (856)697-0930!

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